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  • 这是一个思想交流和知识见解超越课堂的地方,
  • A place where fantastically individual, quirky, fun, and eclectic personalities can meet, discuss, and learn, and
  • A place where ideas and imagination are taken seriously,

...Alfred University's Honors Program may be just the place for you.

Our Mission

皇冠体育app的荣誉课程旨在通过提供研讨会来丰富你的本科教育,让你有机会探索思想, topics, cultures, and obscurities outside your normal academics. 不与你的主修或辅修课程相冲突, our program allows you to breathe, have fun, 和那些和你一样对丰富他们的大学经历感到兴奋的人一起探索新的和不寻常的东西.

What Students Say...

The Honors Program is wonderfully unpretentious. 这些人懂得不把生活太当回事,但却认真对待自己的学业. What a great outlook. - Jay Weisberger

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在我们的荣誉研讨会上,学生们探索了混沌理论、生物伦理学和流行文化. 他们写过儿童读物,研究过哈利波特,讨论过 Star Trek and The Sopranos, and learned how to make their own maple syrup. They have even prepared for the Zombie apocalypse!

Most of all, 我们的课程为学生提供成长和提高教育的机会,以独特的方式使其既有趣又具有挑战性. 这就是为什么我们说我们的荣誉课程是“严肃的游戏”——这是你在非盟教育中获得的额外的东西.

Check out our 2023 Honors Program official newsletter: The Honorific!

在这堂课上,我们将看到如何使用棋盘游戏作为教学工具. Each class will be centered about a subject (history, economics, natural sciences, social justice, morality and ethics, among others). 学生们将在课堂上做一个与主题相匹配的游戏. 他们将被要求填写一份关于他们玩过的棋盘游戏及其主题的简短问卷. As a final project, students will choose a topic and a board game, then develop supporting materials (such as brochures, reference cards, images, audio, questionnaires, etc.),可以在课堂环境中用于教授所选主题. NOTE: This seminar will meet 6:20-8:10.

The Doctor in the Police Box – David DeGraff and Juliana Gray
整个宇宙——所有的时间和空间——你想去哪里? In this seminar we examine the 60-year history of Doctor Who. We’ll look at how the TARDIS works, both as a time machine and a spaceship; the companions over the years, and how they have changed over time; aliens and other opponents the Doctor has faced; as well as topics such as mythological influences and gender. Weekly assignments include watching an episode or two and some reading; we’ll also gather to watch the 60th anniversary special in November. 学生将对他们选择的一个分析性或创造性的主题做最后的陈述.

Film Photography – Thomas Logan
本次研讨会将探讨通过社交媒体趋势和流行文化的应用,最近电影摄影的复兴. 学生将在拍摄电影的各个方面获得实践方法. From various stocks of black & 从白色到彩色胶片,我们将介绍围绕模拟摄影的各种方法. 学生们还将有机会在暗室里冲洗自己的胶卷和创作照片. Cameras alongside materials and lab usage will be provided. Students of all backgrounds and levels of experience are welcome.

英国朋克乐队碰撞乐队(The Clash)是这样唱的:“让愤怒拥有时间/愤怒可以成为力量/如果你知道你可以利用它。.“在这次研讨会上,我们将探讨那些试图利用愤怒的音乐. 我们将着眼于朋克艺术家在面对不公正时被迫创作的具体试金石政治危机, rage, and oppression. 然后,我们将追溯嘻哈音乐的兴起,因为强烈的抗议传统在特朗普时代的嘻哈音乐中达到顶峰. Ultimately, we will ask: what makes good political music? can political art be good art? 当革命文化被吸收、包装和出售时会发生什么? 我们将追溯抗议音乐发展的两条路线:朋克和后朋克以及嘻哈音乐. The work for the course? 我们将利用新媒体实验室,制作并主持一个广播节目,在WALF上播出,探索从1970年代到今天的抗议音乐. Punk and post-punk artists may include: The Clash, Gang of Four, Minor Threat, Patti Smith, and Fugazi. Hip-hop artists and albums we will listen to are: Public Enemy, NWA’s Straight Outta Compton, Killer Mike, Dead Prez, Erykah Badu’s New Amerykah albums, noname’s Room 33, and Kendrick Lamar’s Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers. Additions as suggested by the class are more than welcome!

The Food Lab – John D’Angelo
This class explores the science of cooking, flavor, and nutrition. Each of us will commit to record each meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack) at least once each week for discussion in class. Discussion points include how it was prepared, how it tasted, and its nutritional and caloric content. 当饭是自己准备的时候,详细的食谱也会被讨论. We will prepare at least one meal together. 烹饪过程中发生的化学和物理变化将被讨论. There will be one formal written assignment, a term paper on a randomly assigned international or regional food. No prior knowledge of chemistry is necessary.

Monsters from Folklore to Reality – Andy Eklund
In this course, we'll examine the influence of religion, culture, and science on monsters throughout history. We’ll look at how we respond to the presence of monsters, 无论是以阿尔法掠食者的形式,还是来自民间传说或现实的其他生物. 与怪物相关的话题,比如基因工程、人工智能、流行病, & invasive species will be analyzed. 我们还将关注当今社会中最可怕的怪物-人类. Through group presentations, designing our own monsters, and a team trivia final, in addition to sharing journal entries, we'll discuss how racism, anti-immigration, 对核的恐惧是通过文学和媒体对怪物的描绘来表达的. We’ll talk about the psychology of fear, 希望能参加万圣节的传统活动,包括南瓜雕刻和鬼屋 & possibly ghost tours.

Medicinally, as a source of nutrients, in worship and religion, and as a social lubricant, 从远古时代到现在,人们一直在使用酒精(乙醇). 它很可能是在数万年前的一次偶然事件中进入人类文化的, and while abused by a minority of drinkers, most people derive pleasure from its consumption. 在这门课程中,我们将探讨乙醇的历史和科学. 本课程将结合实验练习和讲座, and may include but not be limited to “crafting a homebrew,” analysis of beer/wine/spirits, field trips to vineyards and invited speaker visits.